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Carolyn Branagan For State Treasurer

A Fresh Perspective & Increased Communication For Vermont

“One of the most important roles is communication. I think many Vermonters know little about the treasurer, what the treasurer does, or where the office is — they never hear anything. The treasurer doesn’t play politics with the state’s money; it’s money that belongs to the citizens of Vermont. The treasurer takes care of that money and tries to invest it in ways that are safe and that are going to generate as much for the state of Vermont as possible."

General Election: November 3rd

How Should Vermont Stabilize The Retirement Fund?

I suggest approaching with these five policy steps:

Carolyn Branagan

Republican Candidate For Vermont State Treasurer

"I have always loved campaigning, no surprise there! Meeting people and talking about the issues we all face is the best part of running for office.

Having served eight terms in the statehouse, I know about campaigning. But this season is unlike any other. Our public health officials are respected professionals. I will be following their recommendations on social distancing and safety to protect each of you, myself, and our families from the virus that causes COVID-19.

This year, in-person campaigning will be minimal. Parades, county fairs, music evenings, in-person community debates, meet and greet sessions, etc. are all the parts of campaigning that I love, but will likely not be on my calendar.

But don’t worry, I’ll find a way to share my plans for improving Vermont’s State Treasurer’s Office.

And I want and need to hear from you. Debates, discussions, communications will occur virtually, in writing, videos, and through Zoom-like get-togethers.

So that’s it for now. The campaign for VT State Treasurer is now underway and I must get back to work.

I am looking forward to a positive and SAFE 2020 political season! Stay healthy everyone."

Carolyn Branagan
Candidate for Vermont State Treasurer

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I just finished my absentee Republican primary ballot. I made sure I voted for Carolyn Branagan for Vermont State Treasurer. I've known her for years and covered her as a reporter in the Vermont Legislature. If you want to see us tackle and eliminate the HUGE state deficit, vote for Branagan.

James Jardine
Sutton, VT

One of the things I frequently get excited about is Carolyn's posts describing Vermont's finances' developments. Sounds lame, 'I get excited about my state's financial developments.' Still, Carolyn has a way of putting it in words that make it exciting and helps everyone understand how these developments affect us directly. I'm sick of not understanding how our tax money is spent, and I appreciate Carolyn's efforts to demystify this aspect of our government.

Frank Gore
Georgia, VT

What Does The Treasurer Do?

The State Treasurer's Office is responsible for a wide range of administrative and service duties:

Questions, Comments, or Info? Please Contact Me!

I Want To Hear From You ~Carolyn

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2020 Campaign Information

From Carolyn: On May 28th, I filed papers in the Secretary of State’s Office to run for Vermont State Treasurer. A major reason I am running is my concern over the huge shortfall in the state’s ability to pay for the retirement of state employees, teachers and municipal workers. More coming from me on this and other issues soon.

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